Tri-Valley Scotties Spirit Shirts (SEE DESCRIPTION)
Tri-Valley Scotties Spirit Shirts (SEE DESCRIPTION)

Tri-Valley Scotties Spirit Shirts (SEE DESCRIPTION)

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sweatshirts are a unisex fit and most people prefer their normal size


These are TOTALLY WEATHER DEPENDENT and have to be done on a warm sunny day. The weather looks like CRAAAAP for awhile. These can have up to a 3 week turn around time. Sometimes it s much quicker…. But sometimes not. 🙃 If you are not ok with that please do not order 😘 I love you but I can not control the weather and I only like to put out bomb bleached shirts and I know how the weather needs to be 😎🚨


ADDED 8/21/2021

These school spirit sweatshirts are AMAZING and I am glad you are all loving them as much as means I truly appreciate you supporting my little business. If I am going to offer all of these schools I am going to need y’all to agree to some terms because…
- I am ☝️ person
- I have ✌️ children (and lots of baseball)
- I am a wife
- I have a house (that 90% of the time looks like a war zone… but 10% of the time it needs me)
- I have a full time night shift job
- My life gets busy and hectic (I’m sure you ALL can relate)
I will offer these if you agree to the following…
1. I will be patient. I realize all of the above and that you will likely get a lot of orders for these and turn around time will likely be extended.
2. I will not message to let you know the sun is out and you could be bleaching
3. I understand that you can not control the weather.
4. I understand the bullets above
5. I understand you can add to this list at any time because you wanted to post the sweatshirts but likely have more to add🤣